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Our history...

To know the origin of the unusual denomination of this beer, we need to go back more than 100 years from now.

Indeed, around 1910, Mr. Théophile VOSSEN operated the establishment "LA COUR ROYALE," located at the corner of the streets d'Assaut and de la Montagne. Among his clientele were many regulars from the National Bank (brokers, cashiers, etc.). Since the number of tellers there was too limited, it was more enjoyable for them to "kill" time waiting with friends over a good glass rather than in front of the counters. Rounds of drinks followed one another, won or lost in the game "PITJESBAK," which has now become the dice game "421." The unfortunate loser was called "the dead." When time was pressing, they would proceed with a final decisive round, the "der des der," played in a single throw, ...

Hence the name "MORT SUBITE." Soon, this appellation became common in the language of the regulars of "LA COUR ROYALE," and Mr. Théophile VOSSEN renamed his establishment, giving it the new sign "A LA MORT SUBITE." From there, it was only a small step to give the name to his gueuze, which he readily took.

In late 1928, Mr. VOSSEN moved, but remained in the neighborhood. René and Jean-Pierre VOSSEN continued their grandfather's tradition for 36 years. Currently, the great-grandsons VOSSEN, Bernard and Olivier, the 4th generation with this name, serve you delicious gueuze at No. 7 Montagne aux Herbes Potagères Street, in the establishment they operate, which, while maintaining its original character, still bears the same sign: "A LA MORT SUBITE."